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Data Analytics – Be proactive rather than reactive

Monday, 10 Aug 2018 by Ancubate
Data Analytics – Be proactive rather than reactive

Many a times, IT departments are busy putting out fires and tending to issues after they have already done enough damage. This uses up valuable resources and time. In today’s world, proactive predictive analysis has become an essence to avoid blind spots and keep your business running with minimum or null downtime. Predictive analysis requires a more holistic view of the environment. Currently businesses depend on operational matrix to analyze their uptime, performance, number of open issues and time between failures. However, relying completely on operational metrics isn’t enough. In order to keeps your business running smoothly, you need to be able to detect and address critical issues before they impact the business.

Data analytic is one of the ways to achieve this. Combining big data and machine learning will not only support but also partially replace monitoring, service desk and support tickets.

Data analytics enables you to be more proactive and take charge of situations before they impact business. It provides:

  • Understanding of what’s going on within your business and enables you to identify problems as they arise.
  • It helps you look into problems and make informed decisions about escalations and re-assignments – leading to process efficiencies.
  • Help you to find the root cause and discover hidden relationships between various elements of a process and helps you take action before it leads to a catastrophe.
  • It helps prevent problems rather than react to them after they have occurred.

Data analytics enables you to be proactive and drives productivity. There is also greater accountability across all operations and processes. It helps align the needs of the organization and also improves operations by delivering clear, precise insights. In the long run, it can help optimize costs, drive innovation and elevate their service experience by finding hidden connections between events and providing accurate analysis of the correlations between various processes.

Data analytics is becoming a crucial part for businesses to consider. It’s all about being proactive rather than reactive!

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