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What do you do with your next brilliant startup idea?

Monday, 3 Aug 2018 by Ancubate
What do you do with your next brilliant startup idea?

Entrepreneurship is 99% execution and only 1% about the idea. So, if you have a brilliant idea, it’s time to chase your dreams and start building upon it. So, the initial enlightenment is just enough to trigger the beginning of your startup journey. After that, it’s essential that you draft a roadmap for your idea to fruition.

It helps you think critically and put your assumptions to test, before you actually invest time, efforts and actual money in developing your concept.

Here are a few things to get you started:

  • Drill deeper into what you need for your startup idea – a mobile app? A web application? A smart IoT solution? The idea needs a solid ground to kick off.
  • Work on your core idea. Initial research creates a strong foundation. Think about the key benefits of your product or service for the users. Also think of who the target users are going to be.
  • Test your concept against the existing market to check the viability of your idea. Know and understand your existing market.
  • Draw a roadmap for your start up – include all the necessary milestones – from start to finish. This need not be exact. Give it a little scope for flexibility. Your roadmap will give you the confidence to move to the next phase – development.
  • Development begins after your concept is validated. It’s a good idea to hire app developers to create a minimum viable product (MVP) for your apps. This gives you an idea of how your app will work.
  • Once you have created a minimum viable product, the next steps get easy and clear. You can then get it polished and make it market-ready in no time!

Now, the answer to your question – ‘what will you do with your next brilliant startup idea’? Well, it’s not going to turn into reality unless you do something about it. This was a simple list of steps to get you started – it’s 99% the execution of the idea that will enable you to kick start your start-up!

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